2011 Garden

I love vegetable gardens.  In 2004 I attended the Linnea Farm Ecological Gardening Programme on Cortes Island, British Columbia.  It was there that I had my first vegetable garden plot which I filled with a variety of veggies, and edible and non-edible flowers.  During those eight months I learnt about, among other things, organic gardening methods, composting, rotation planting, and companion plants.

Production garden at Linnaea Farm

Since then I have grown vegetable gardens in different communities where I have lived. Some have been at community gardens, in communal gardens, and one was at a botanical centre where I worked.  But – since I moved around so much – I was never able to have a garden in one spot for more than one year.

That is why I was so excited to buy a house with property in 2009.  We had room for a permanent garden!  That first fall, we tilled a 30 feet X 30 feet area in our side yard.  The next summer we built a fence to keep the neighborhood deer out of the garden.

This summer – finally – the garden was ready to be planted! Having had a few not-so-great gardens in bad soil a few times, I decided that I would make sure this garden would grow from the get-go. The soil here was very sandy and nutritionally-depleted so I trucked in 6 loads of compost from the garden centre down the road.  It was not cheap, but wow…the garden sure grew!  I kept telling people that it was on steroids.

2011 vegetable gardenWe ate out of the garden all summer and kept eating kale and carrots from the garden until mid-December.  We still have a few cabbages in the fridge and a few buttercup squash in the basement.

Mark me down as a happy gardener 🙂

In my next post, I’ll explain my garden design and rotation system.

Did you have a vegetable garden this year? What was your favorite vegetable?


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