Meat Pie Making with Mom

My mom and step-dad have been making meat pies in November for as long as I can remember.  It’s a three-day affair with the end product being 20 or so meat pies to give out to family and eat throughout the winter.

Chris and I have been helping them for the past four years on ‘assembly day’ and in return for our help we get to take home five meat pies. Chris loves these so much that he says he could eat them every week all year.

That is why this year my mom offered to come up to our house in January and help us make additional meat pies.  It would also be an opportunity for me to learn how to make pie dough.  Usually Mom makes it the day ahead and when I get there all I have to do is roll it out. My stepdad also spend a few days and evenings beforehand cooking and preparing the meat (usually beef, pork, and turkey).

This weekend we realized how much work my parents put into preparing for ‘assembly day’.  We spent two evenings and a full day cooking and preparing the meat and filling,  making the pie dough, and assembling the pies – a lot longer than we had expected!

I’ve always shied away from making my own pie crusts and usually buy pre-prepared ones from the store which never taste as good.  Part of this stemmed from intimidation and part of it probably stemmed from my previously stated reluctance to like anything my parents did and enjoyed.  Thankfully I’ve long grown out of that stage  and loved having Mom come over and show me how to make pie crusts. Mom – who used to be a home economics teacher for years – was great at teaching us the little tricks that turned the dough from OK to awesome with just the right amount of crispiness.

Thanks Mom!

We also madegluten-free meat pies which I’ll talk about later this week.

Do you have a family tradition that involves baking?


4 thoughts on “Meat Pie Making with Mom

  1. The holidays always seems to be about baking and tradition. I love it. It’s actually my favourite part of the holidays…it helps move past the commericization, etc.

    I also spend a day or two baking desserts & treats. Mocha Cakes, Cherry & Peanut Butter balls…are some regulars…and then I also try one or two new recipes.

    Unfortunately this year was a bit more hectic, and I missed out on my yearly holiday tradition, and I will be making sure next year, my tradition of baking is planned into my holidays 🙂

  2. It was such fun making all these meatpies and especially trying out a new gluten free crust.
    You’re right about all the work that has to be done before rolling out the crusts and filling the pies but it’s definitely worth it to have the yummy food. And, you’re more than welcome.

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