Gluten-Free Meat Pies

Along with the regular meat pie crusts that we made with my mom we also made some gluten-free pie crusts for the first time.

For the past month Chris has been trying out a gluten-free diet and I’m trying to make it as easy for him as possible.  I’ve been trying to make gluten-free products from scratch instead of buying them pre-made.  I found a great muffin recipe on  and have been making those. The initial search for 10 different flours (almond, brown rice, corn, oat, quinoa, teff, sorghum, arrowroot, potato starch ) to make the gluten-free flour mix was time consuming, but now that I have it all mixed up  it’s as fast and easy as making regular muffins.

For meat-pie making day we decided to try the glutenfreegirl’s vegan pie crust recipe. (because Chris is also dairy-free –  the meat pie is obviously not vegan 🙂 )

The process was a bit more time consuming than making the regular pie crust as the dough had to sit in the fridge for at least one hour.

Rolling out the first dough was pretty difficult as it kept breaking up. The recipe suggested putting the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap which helped, but it was still a difficult dough to work with. I soon found out why. I had misread the recipe and had not been adding enough water.  That made a difference in the next pie crusts!  It was still breaking up a little bit, but not as much.

We cooked the first pie (with the missing water) for dinner.  I was pretty nervous! We’d made seven pies and  I didn’t want to have to eat seven tasteless or inedible pie crusts.

Thankfully, the crust turned out great.  It was pretty crumbly because of the lack of water, but hopefully the correct ones will be less crumbly. The taste is very different than our normal pie crust, but it’s a good taste.  I was describing it as “rustic” – for some reason it makes me think of a pie crust that would have been made by a farm family in rural France.

Have you tried making a gluten-free pie crust? How did it turn out?


4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Meat Pies

  1. Great post Marcelle, though I’ve not made gluten-free pie crusts, I have made other things gluten free…the best part is you don’t HAVE to make the flour ‘mix’. I simply replace my recipe flour with quinoa directly and it’s amazing. Quinoa flour rises very similiarly to standard flours.

    In my banana bread recipes where it calls for 2 different flours, when I am making it gluten free, I use quinoa and buckwheat flours. It doesn’t rise as well as quinoa on it’s own. It’s still tasty.

    I actually prefer the quinoa flour chocolate zuchinni bread flavour to my regular spelt flour ones 🙂

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