January Garden – Covered with Snow

This is what our garden looks like today – nothing growing or harvest-able at the moment, but pretty in white.

The ragged yellow plants are our kale plants that I didn’t get around to pulling up because we ate them until early December.  It was great to have fresh greens from the garden so late in the year.

On the lower right side you can also see the straw that I put down to cover the garlic bulbs that I planted in the fall.  I’m excited to see them come up this spring.

In the middle of the picture, you can faintly see another bed of straw. That one is covering up the carrots that grew last summer.  They were pretty taste-less so I thought I would experiment and see if covering them with straw over the winter would allow them to keep in the ground until the spring. I’m hoping a bit of cold will have sweetened them up. Or they could have turned to mush.  Either way, I will have learnt something.

What is your garden looking like this month?


2 thoughts on “January Garden – Covered with Snow

  1. What a great shot! it’s always neat to see the ‘dormant’ garden…just think under ‘all’ that snow, the ground is working it’s magic, thanks to all your TLC from 2011. You’ll have an even more abundant garden this year!

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