Winter wonderland – Skating

I decided to take advantage of the nice weather yesterday afternoon and went skating at the outdoor skating rink downtown.  I love that the city provides this free recreational activity.  They have music playing on outdoor speakers, night lights, and heated change rooms.

I also like seeing the diversity of people that use the public skating rinks.  Yesterday there was a mom with her three young kids who were involved in an elaborate game of “ice fishing”, a group of teenagers who alternated between checking their cell phones and skating, a twenty-something guy teaching his girlfriend how to skate, an older gentleman out for a short skate on his dinner break from work, and a twenty-something girl practicing her twirls and jumps in the corner.

As I skated round and round I took the time to look around, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy this nice winter day.

What winter activities have you been enjoying?



5 thoughts on “Winter wonderland – Skating

  1. You make that sounds really lovely. It was only after lunch that I realized I could have spent the day skating also…at the rink next door. However downtown sounds way more fun!! Good for you for getting outside.

  2. That is awesome Marcel.. and looks beautiful. Moncton has something similar by city hall…it’s a great activity..however I’m a ‘bad’ skater 🙂 hehe…thus I stick to ice climbing, and the ski/snowshoe/hike into the ice crags.

    I did get new skate skis and really enjoy it a LOT. Unfortunately our city doesn’t have a grooming regiment like Fredericton does, but with all this beautiful new snow, the trails will be awesome. I can’t wait to get back out on them!

    • That’s great that you’re loving skate skiing! It’s such a great winter activity. It’s too bad about Moncton’s ski trails. Maybe there is a large enough group of skiers and you could come together to pressure the City to maintain better trails/signage along the ski trails? Here in Fredericton, the local ski club just put up large banners at our trailheads to try to keep the walkers off the groomed trails at the woodlot.

      I haven’t gotten into ice climbing, but I do love reading your posts when you go out and seeing your pictures. I guess I’m more of an “armchair” ice climber 🙂

      • That’s a good idea about getting a group of us together to get out. I’ve not met anyone else to get out skiing with but I’m working at it. The -30 or more temps haven’t helped. I guess I’m a fair weather skier (I prefer -5 to -10) haha.

        I hope the banners work for you guys, it’s quite frustrating to be trying to ski through boot tracks for sure.

        haha – I like that, the ‘armchair’ ice climber. With your strong upper body and great lead head. You’d make a wonderful ice climber! 🙂

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