Winter Wonderland – Snowshoeing

This past Sunday Chris and I went out for a snowshoe in the woods behind our house.  The woods are a 30-acre parcel of land with a mixture of large trees (mostly hemlocks)  and cut-over land growing over in alders, and two streams running through the property.

Saturday night and Sunday morning a lot of fluffy snow fell and by Sunday afternoon it was a winter wonderland in the woods.  Tree branches were full of snow. At one point a strong wind gust shook the branches and snow gently fell down on us. For a moment the whole forest looked like a big snow globe that had just been shaken up. Magical.

It was a cold and windy day, but in the woods we were pretty sheltered.  We followed the stream through the woods and came out in a newly cut-over area a kilometre away.

We walked back on the still visible trail that used to be a public road a long time ago. On our subdivision plan it’s marked as “Old Maugerville Road,” but that’s all I know about it. It would be neat to find out more of its history.

We don’t go out in these woods often, but I always love the times we do.  Sadly, there is always the chance that this parcel of land will be developed for a residential subdivision.  We are hopeful that if it does happen, the new landowners will keep a lot of the big trees around the stream and leave a buffer between the new houses and our back yard.

Have you been out snowshoeing lately?


5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – Snowshoeing

  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Here’s hoping that any developers will leave some greenback for you to enjoy. The saving grace is that you have those streams…it’s a lot of work to make developments work around water ways….so that may help a bit with any future developers leaving those areas alone.

    I’m not a big snowshoer. Generally, I use snowshoe’ing as a means t get into an ice cliff 🙂 But I admit, just being out in the woods on a snowy winters day is pretty amazing!

  2. I snowshoe every tuesday in the winter. Love it! Such great way to enjoy the winter and the forest. I write about my treks and share my pictures on the long way there, chech it out if youd like. 🙂

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