Right Now I Am….

…wishing my big brother a very happy 36th birthday.  He was my first friend and even though I don’t see him very often these days, I still love my big brother. 

…reminiscing about the adventures that we had playing as children and partying as teenagers.

…anticipating his birthday lunch this weekend with my parents.

…working in our satellite office for the day, replacing a co-worker who is ill and awaiting test results.

…hoping for positive test results and a full recovery.

… eating a homemade carrot muffin. So tasty!

…listening to the laughter through the walls.  This office is located in a retirement residence and it’s great to hear people’s laughter throughout the day.

…wondering if the bellows I ordered a few weeks ago is ready for pick-up in the town across the border.

…not looking forward to crossing the border.  I always feel so guilty even though I have no reason to.

…preparing material for the full-day of training I am giving tomorrow.

…thankful that I only have to give training once or twice a year – it’s not my strong point.

treasuring this lovely winter that we’re having.  Just enough snow to play in, but not so much that we have to shovel the driveway all the time.

What are you doing right now? 


4 thoughts on “Right Now I Am….

  1. What a great post! I love being made to think and appreciate that which is around me.
    Right now, I am

    …enjoying a homemade latté with some belgian chocolate flavoured coffee I found at second cup
    …anticipating my upcoming facial this morning
    …savouring these delicious ‘crunchie’ cookies I found at the grocery store (yes, crunchie the chocolate bar :D)
    …proud of myself for going for a little run this morning…it’s been awhile and I’ve been lazy
    …relaxing as I surf the internet, catching up on facebook and writing my newest blog post (hopefully to be posted this evening)
    …procrastinating, as I should be doing some baking … hehe

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