My public library

At the public library yesterday I was thinking about how much I use and appreciate the public library system that we have.

Some of my earliest memories are connected to the public library.  I remember being 3 or 4 and my mom ferrying my kindergarten class to the library in our station wagon. Once there we would be treated to story-telling, puppet shows, and sing-alongs (my favorite was “Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”).  It’s no wonder that my dream job at that age was a librarian! I adored them.

As I got older I kept visiting the public library in our town.  I’d borrow fiction books, magazines, comic books.  I remember how grown-up I felt once I started borrowing books that weren’t from the children’s section.

These days I still visit the library at least once or twice a month.  Our library has a big collection of DVDs so most of the movies we watch come from the library.  Because most of the movies available aren’t the very latest movies (although they do get many newer movies) – I find that we are watching a wider variety of movies and some that we wouldn’t normally pick up at the DVD rental store.

We also make a trip to the library before road trips to borrow music, comedy, radio drama, and book CDs.  These are great to listen to on the road.  On one climbing trip to the Gunks we listened to the Hobbit most of the drive – it makes the drive go so much faster.

I also love borrowing non-fiction books that I’ll only need for a short while, instead of buying them.  I borrowed a lot of wedding planning books a few years ago. For our road trip last year I borrowed three different California travel guides which all proved very useful in finding things to do and places to eat during my solo-travel week.

Lately, my routine has been to go directly to the new arrivals bookshelves.  I can usually find a handful of fiction, non-fiction, and biographies that look interesting.  I find that this method makes me read books that I might not normally think of looking for in the general book shelving.

Have you visited your public library lately? 


10 thoughts on “My public library

  1. I love that you use books on tape for road trips. Chris and I should do that instead of trying to agree on music. I have to remember that. Thanks for the tip.

  2. What a great idea. I never go to the library (I barely went through my two degrees :))…but I think it’s a great idea. I have a bit of a book fetish, and have an addiction…however I like the idea of movies, etc.

    And I think it’d be great for the girls to get into the habit of using the library. We’re lucky as we have libraries for both Moncton & Riverview!

    That may be my Saturday Storm Day idea 🙂 thanks Marcelle!

    • Great idea to take your girls to the library on a snowy day! I haven’t been to the Riverview library, but have spent lots of time at the Moncton one at different times that I lived in the City. It’s a really nice library, lots of little nooks to sit and read a book in.

  3. I used to love taking you and Julien or your kindergarten class to the library! I also thought of being a librarian but mostly because it would be so much quieter than a middle school classroom.
    Lately I’ve been borrowing knitting books instead of buying them.

    • Good idea to borrow knitting books! I hadn’t thought of that. I’m glad you took us to the library so often when we were kids Mom. I was thinking back on it the when writing this post and a lot of my fond childhood memories are from library-related activities.

  4. Sadly I haven’t been to a library in years. I hated having to be on a deadline to read books and return them so started purchasing books at garage sales and used stores for cheap and stockpiling them. Recently though I heard that you can borrow e-books from the library without even stepping foot in the building! Just have to have a membership and then log onto their website. When the 3 week rental is up the book disappears off your reader. Perfect.

    • I didn’t know that about e-books and haven’t made the jump to an e-reader yet, but it’s nice to know the library has. Thanks for the info.

      Garage sales and used-book stores are great places to find books too.

  5. I love our public library! We are lucky enough to have one in our neighborhood, less than a mile from our house. We love to walk to the library, my daughters love it! Even now, and they are 9 and 13! Thank you for sharing!

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