Seeds have arrived!



8 thoughts on “Seeds have arrived!

    • I can’t wait either! I borrowed some grow lights from my step-dad this weekend and will start getting ready for seed starting later this month. I’m crossing my fingers I get some great seedlings to plant come May.

    • Maybe you could start small this summer – a few cherry tomato and pepper plants in pots and then grow a bit more each season? The pots could also be portable so you could take them to Kingston and Welsford when you go if no one is in Moncton to water them 🙂 It’s such a great feeling to eat something that you grew yourself.

        • Some veggies do better than others in pots. The easiest are probably peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, swiss chard, spinach, and herbs.

          For the peppers and cherry tomatoes I’d buy them as seedlings from a nursery (MacArthur’s in Moncton is a good place), the others I’d plant from seeds.

          Do it! 🙂

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