First Outdoor Climbing Day of 2012

Last Sunday, we went outdoor climbing for the first time this season. It was great!

We weren’t sure if we were going to go because the weather forecast was calling for 4 C (39 F) with a few flurries, but I’d been itching to go climbing for the past few weeks and convinced Chris it would be fun.

We met our friends Chris and Jill at the Sunnyside crag, a sport climbing area about 45 minutes away. Six other climbers were already there by the time we arrived at noon.  Everyone was bundled up with lots of layers and had hand-warmers in their chalk bags.

Flurries started coming down as we were getting ready for our first climb. It’s the first time I’ve been rock climbing in snow. It was pretty neat :).

Our hands got pretty cold climbing and most of us wore socks in our climbing shoes (or climbed in boots!), but all in all, it wasn’t that bad.  Part of the cliff was still wet and full of icicles, but a good number of climbs were dry.

It felt wonderful to be back on rock after a winter of climbing on plastic holds.  I love the feeling of climbing rock and the extra challenge of route-finding.  Indoors, routes are tapped with different colours so you never have to guess which way to go.  But on a rock climb, even though you have a general idea of which way to go because of the bolts, you still have to do more mental work to figure out the best way to approach a climb.

I can’t wait to go out again!  I’m crossing my fingers that the sunny forecast for this weekend happens.


4 thoughts on “First Outdoor Climbing Day of 2012

  1. Isn’t spring rock climbing amazing? I love the fact that in October/November, we would NEVER consider climbing at only +4…but in March, it’s TOTALLY acceptable 🙂 hehe… desperate times calls for desperate measures…

    With next week’s temps at double digits, there should be some great climbing !!!

    • I love spring climbing – it’s so awesome after a few months inside. But you’re right – there’s no way I would have gone out in Sunday’s weather if it was October. I’m usually done by the time it goes below +10!

      We’re hoping to get out Saturday and Sunday – hope to see you out!

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