2012 Garden Plan

I sat down last night and designed the garden for this year.  I used growveg.com again as it’s so easy to use.

(The brown square in the garden is a large boulder that I find easier to plant around than to dig up or blow up.)

I used the same Legume-Root-Fruit-Leaf rotation as I did last year.  This means that each group shifted clockwise one quarter. When designing the garden, I kept in mind the position of the sun and how plants would be shaded.

This year I added more flowers in the garden.  Borage, calendula, and nasturtium are all edible flowers as well as beautiful flowers.

I also tried to mix up vegetables a bit more, but that is harder to do with the computer program than when I draw plans by hand.  If I have time this month, I will draw the garden plan by hand and get even more creative with the garden.

The next step is to get my indoor seed starting set-up organized.  I borrowed some grow lights from my stepdad and have picked a spot in the house to start the seeds.  I need to gather supplies and then, at the end of March, start peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers.

I’m excited!

Have you started your garden planning for 2012?


4 thoughts on “2012 Garden Plan

  1. This makes me so jealous! I want to plant a *real* garden – in the ground, using a cool mapping website like yours… but since we rent, we can’t. Not allowed. We can do just about anything else but digging up the yard is prohibited. So we’ve settled for a potted garden on the patio this year. It’s our very first year trying to grow anything (ever!) so we’re starting small with some herbs and tomatoes. I have something of a black thumb…I am just crossing my fingers, reading up on gardening, and hoping like crazy that it works!

  2. Wow, great job with the computer design! I’ve been doing this job by hand on graph paper the last couple years and it’s not nearly so pretty. I’m a little obsessive and must admit I plan my veggie garden in the late fall. I always end up moving things around despite my plans so before I forget where everything was planted I make notes on that seasons garden and draw up plans for the next year. Also helps when I’m making seed orders in mid-winter.

    • Thanks! It’s a neat program to use.

      What a great idea to plan your next garden at the end of the season, and to update the previous year’s after all the changes that happened. I should try to do that next year. This year I had to guess where I planted the fall garlic and how big the area is because I can’t see the bed under all the snow!

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