Back to where it all began (aka rock climbing at Minkey Wall)

On Saturday Chris and I headed out to Cochrane Lane for a day of rock climbing. Cochrane Lane is the most developed trad climbing area in New Brunswick and one of my favorite crags in the area.

We hiked in to Minkey Wall, which is the prominent wall with impressive roofs that you can see from the parking lot. The hike in was much different than in past March outings- all the snow is already gone!

Minkey Wall is where Chris and I first met 4 1/2 years ago.  At the time I wasn’t rock climbing very often, but had tagged along with an old friend for a day on rock.  Chris was out aid climbing and ended his day by rapping into Minkey Wall.  We met, he liked my smile, and when I moved to Fredericton a few months later he made sure to come introduce himself at the climbing wall.  The rest is wonderful history. 🙂

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures around 10 celcius (50 F), but the strong winds made it feel a lot colder.  As you can see in the picture below, at one point in the morning I got pretty cold and was wearing a couple of layers of long sleeve shirts and Chris’s down jacket over my down jacket. I looked like the Michelin Man!  Thankfully it warmed up a bit after that.

We started out with me leading a few easy trad climbs – Dash of Fall Memory and Salt N’ Pepper.  They’re not very difficult, but I found myself taking a long time and needing to rest on a few pieces.  It always takes me a few days at the start of the season to get my “lead head” back. Hopefully next time out my lead climbing will be smoother.

Chris then lead up 5.8 for Style and A Warm and Sultry Evening. Two great climbs that he had no problem with.

We finished the day with a new-to-us climb.  I’d forgotten a quickdraw and nut on 5.8 For Style so Chris decided to lead up the small gully to the left of it and rap down to grab the quickdraw.  It wasn’t very difficult, but he says it’s always fun for him to go up something he’s never climbed up before, especially in this case where he had no clue what awaited him on the cliff.

Thus ended another great day climbing in Welsford with the man I first met there 4 1/2 years ago.  I’m looking forward to seeing where and on what adventures the next years will bring us!

Have you gone back to “where it all began”? 


2 thoughts on “Back to where it all began (aka rock climbing at Minkey Wall)

  1. I never knew the ‘beginnings’ of the Chris/Marcelle sega 🙂 I like the history lesson…very Romantic, and I can hear the love in your written words…I like that 😀

    It’s neat to ‘re-visit’, and go back to something that was where you first met…or how you used to do something.

    I chuckled when you say that Salt’n pepper isn’t too difficult…I’ve heard the opposite! I’d say doing this as one of the years first leads out is awesome!!! You’ve got a strong lead head!

    • Thanks Stacey! It does make me smile to think about meeting Chris 🙂

      Someone else also said that Salt N’ Pepper is harder than it looks – makes me feel better about not being able to lead it first thing in the season. Can’t wait to get out to Minkey again!

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