Seedlings are up!

Three of the four lettuce varieties that I planted early last week are up.  The fourth one was an old seed package that I thought I’d see if they were still viable.  Unless they’re really slow germinators, they’re probably not going to come up.

The broccoli seedlings are looking great. This is the first time I try to grow broccoli from seed. I hope it works!

The cucumbers are starting to poke out.  The cherry tomatoes are up while the other variety is still waiting.

I’m still waiting to see the pepper plants come out, but I’m pretty sure they are slow to germinate so I’m not worried yet.

The seedling flats are in our basement laundry room where I can control the temperature better. I also have some grow lights and have been keeping these on for twelve hours a day.

It’s an exciting time of the year!


7 thoughts on “Seedlings are up!

  1. Your plants are looking great. Just got through planting 5 blackberry bushes from my wife and a couple rows of tomatoes. Giving a shot at a garden this year and see how it goes. Never been much of a green thumb. I just get sidetracked way too often and next thing I know my garden looks like the pasture. 😀 Good luck!

    • Thanks! And good luck on your garden too. A thumb can turn green anytime 🙂 For weeding, I find that if I do just a bit every day after work it makes it easier to keep up and keep the pasture at bay.

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