Planted last fall. Overwintered under a foot of straw. Ready to grow!


5 thoughts on “Garlic!

  1. They look great! Mine are doing really well also, I think it’s the earliest they have ever come up. The rain this weekend, although a drag for other things, will be good for them.

    • You’re right, the rain will be really good for them after this dry week. I went out tonight and a few more have popped out. Do deer like garlic? If not, maybe someday I’ll grow as many as you do, but outside the fence.

      • The deer don’t like garlic, it’s one of the few things they will not eat in my garden, the others being onions and herbs ( I think they might eat basil though). The only problem is that they can trample the garlic while they try to get at the other vegies. I put stakes around my garlic, and attach chicken wire over the bed. They don’t like to walk in anything that might tangle their feet. This works at least while the garlic is still short.
        It may not be a big problem for you, but we get about a half a dozen deer foraging around almost every night.

  2. Your garlic looks great. We put ours under straw as well in a raised bed. The straw keeps the cats from digging in there. Do you just use the straw as insulation?

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